We’ll design your next icon.

Architecture & Design for the


At LOUD 3D, we can’t be happier and more excited to join Web 3.0 and design for the Metaverse. In it, the focus goes one hundred percent to the design and visuals for the projects, making even more possible to achieve radical new designs.

Let us design your icon ror the Metaverse (or real life)!

Iconic Designs for


We can design high-rises so your project and vision goes above and beyond your expectations, and stand out around the Metaverse while maximizing revenue by offering a wide array of spaces for rent or purchase in it. 

Join the Metaverse real estate boom!

Minimal & Unique Designs for


Thinking about a house? We can design a high-end, minimalist and iconic looking house that will stand out from far away. Or, what if you have a lot in real life? We will design it too.

Start your dream house [roject in the Metaverse or real world!

Luxurious Designs for


Just like in the real world, apartment real estate developments are taking place in the Metaverse. No matter which of both scenarios you are involved in, we can guarantee you a unique design approach to maximize revenue. 

Let us join you on your next project venture!

Functional & Nature

Integrated Houses

We alway strive to pursue designs that follows function and integrate with the site in question. Maximizing the lot’s topography, use of views and local nature’s elements is always a must. Facing challenges is something we love.

Bring us your next project, no matter where it’ll be located.

Solid Precense for


Wether in the Metaverse or in real life, any company’s headquarter building must be more than an icon. It should be a statement that represents the company’s mission and vision. As young, passionate designers and architects:

We’d love to bring the best approach to your company’s headquarters project.

Out Of The Box Designs

Design Vision

At LOUD 3D, any initial research phase for a project starts by asking ourselves how we can make a design successful by taking a complete opposite approach from what’s “normal”. 

Do you want “different”, “unique” and iconic” to be part of your project?